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Working with you to develop your own USSD Platform, branded completely to your business

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Get Online & Mobile

 – Online: WebHosting & Services –

Email & Website Hosting

Get your business on the internet and communicate professionally with your customers using your own business email.

Website Design

Get a beautiful, elegant website designed for your business

 – Mobile: USSD Application Development and SMS Platform –


Unlock your potential with these Ready-To-Use USSD platforms for your Mobile Customers. They are low-cost, easy-to-use and branded business solutions.


We work with you to develop a USSD platform specific to your business. You get involved in the development process. You know your business best.

Customized USSD App Development

For complex, major projects totally dependent on your specifications of the USSD platform you require.

SMS Platform

Simple and easy to use. Send SMS messages to thousands of recipients (groups, etc). Send immediately or scheduled for later sending at a specific date and time. Create draft messages.

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