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> Get benefits of WhatsApp (no timeouts, multimedia enabled (images, video, documents, etc), and more).
> Option to keep your current USSD service provider.
> Industry leading competitive pricing.

With MySchoolChatapp, your School gets a WhatsApp number that has a ChatBot which is available 24/7/365 for Parents/Community/learners/ etc to interact with automatically. Your School will also get a Secure 🔐️ Web Portal to do live updates on the ChatBot.

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MySchoolChatapp Packages

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Last Invention® MySchoolChatapp Pricing Table Designer
MOST POPULAR Moving Up Most flexible
Magma Package Insigni Package Summa Package
R833 /m
(incl VAT) Billed Quarterly
Get 15% off first quarter
Promo code "CHATPROMO"
R1,500 /m
(incl VAT) Billed Monthly
Get 15% off first month
Promo code "CHATPROMO"
R2,500 /m
(incl VAT) Billed Monthly
Get 15% off first month
Promo code "CHATPROMO"
WhatsApp number & profile
WhatsApp number & profile Shared &
User multi-school connect
Dedicated Dedicated
  Full-feature ChatBot with School info
Full-feature ChatBot with School info Similar to demo Similar to demo Customised
  Webportal to update/upload School info
Webportal to update/upload School info
  Multimedia support
(images & documents)
Multimedia support
(images & documents)

Up to 2GB

Up to 4GB

Plus audio, video & location
Up to 8GB
  Monthly WhatsApp session message bundle*
Monthly WhatsApp session message bundle* 3,000
Topup available
Topup available
Topup available
  WhatsApp template messages**
WhatsApp template messages** Not included
Bundles available
Not included
Bundles available
Not included
Bundles available
  Support type
Support type Email
Max 24hr turn-around
Max 8hr turn-around
Email & Telephonic
Max 4hr turn-around
  Setup & ChatBot development fee
(once-off or ad-hoc)
Setup & ChatBot development fee
(once-off or ad-hoc)
None None Depends on ChatBot requirements

School Web Portal

Live update/edit/upload my School ChatBot information

More about MySchoolChatapp

FAQs and more…

What exactly is USSD2Chatapp and ChatBot?

If you stop innovating, you regress!

We assume you know what USSD is. Most companies that use USSD will at some point wonder how to modernize/augment/change/improve to a more modern messaging platform that has similar look and feel but has more to offer to their business systems/audience/customers with smartphones/internet-enabled devices. This modern messaging platform would be one that includes handling of text, multimedia (images, voice, video, etc), documents, etc.

USSD2Chatapp is our solution to this problem. We assist with migration from USSD to WhatsApp and handle the whole project/campaign life-cycle from your first enquiry, consultation, development to launch and ultimate project/campaign closeout. There is also an option to keep your USSD service provider who will need to manage the project/campaign including integrating with our state-of-the-art scalable cloud-based infrastructure.

The ChatBot is the application that runs an application server and handles all incoming/outgoing messages from/to users and/or initiates messages to users. One of the major advantages of a ChatBot is the fact that it never sleeps and works 24 / 7 / 365.

Can I add media support to my WhatsApp ChatBot?

Yes you can. After implementation of yourWhatsApp ChatBot, the development and implementation of media (images, voice, video, documents, etc) will be charged as an additional fee.

The price for your USSD2Chatapp package only covers only text media for your WhatsApp ChatBot because USSD only has text with USSD2Chatapp being its WhatsApp equivalent.  Contact us for more information on pricing, etc.

Difference between Session & Template message?

Let’s start with what a WhatsApp message is. A message is a one way transmission of information. This can either be from user to ChatBot or from ChatBot to user. So is a user sends a message and receives a reply message from the ChatBot, that will be equal to 2 messages.

There are two kinds of messages: Session message and Template message. Both are messages, but are defined differently.

How they are defined…

  • WhatsApp Session messages are any messages sent and received in response to a user-initiated message to your ChatBot. A messaging session starts when a user sends your ChatBot a message, and lasts for 24 hours from the most recently received message. If more than 24 hours have elapsed since the user last responded to you, you can wait for the user to message your ChatBot, OR you can send a Template Message (see below) to invite the user to respond.
  • WhatsApp Template messages use pre-approved message templates for ChatBot initiated messages (such as notifications like delivery alerts and appointment reminders). They can not be used for marketing. The ChatBot must use a WhatsApp Template message if more than 24 hours have elapsed since the user last responded to you. Any other type of message will fail. The approval is done by WhatsApp themselves. See approval process for more details.

How they are charged..

  • WhatsApp Session messages are charged at a tiered volume pricing rate. See Our WhatsApp session message pricing for more info.
  • WhatsApp Template message pricing is is determined and controlled by WhatsApp themselves. See WhatsApp template message pricing on the WhatsApp website. WhatsApp charges a per message fee to send Template messages. Please note: This price depends on the destination country. We also charge a separate fee (1 credit) per message depending on the package you are on for any and all countries. So the price you will pay per template message will be the WhatsApp template message price plus your USSD2Chatapp package session message credit. You need to purchase WhatsApp template message bundles from us to be able to send template messages.

Contact us for more information on pricing, etc.

What is your message per second (MPS) throughput?

All our WhatsApp business solutions have a maximum MPS of 10 messages per second.

How we get from enquiry to implementation?

The best starting point is for you is to SEND US YOUR REQUIREMENTS. We then…

Step 2: Evaluate requirements and consult with you to comprehensively understand them.

Step 3: After quotation/invoicing and payment, we develop your solution while engaging with you. This includes, and not limited to, Initiation/Planning, Requirements Analysis, Design, Development, Quality Assurance and Implementation.

Step 4: Go Live. We open your WhatsApp ChatBot for public consumption.

Step 6: Operations & Maintenance. We continually monitor and resolve any issues that may occur related to your WhatsApp ChatBot, the system and infrastructure that supports it.

Step 7: Project/Campaign Closeout. At this stage we will be sad to see you go, but will do a proper project closeout where we remove all data related to your platform and send you any information you may own.

What are the pricing components of USSD2Chatapp?

The pricing at its most basic has 3 main components that are Application related, WhatsApp platform related and Special requirements related. See a further breakdown below of the pricing fee…

Application Platform =>

  • Development
  • Hosting & Maintenance
  • Database hosting
  • Media hosting


WhatsApp Platform =>

  • Management/Connection
  • WhatsApp profile and number
  • Session message (packages for 10k, 50k, 300k and 1Million monthly bundles)
  • Template message


Special requirements =>

These are customer specific and depended largely on the other bells and whistles you require with your WhatsApp ChatBot.


Template messages examples and approval process?

You need to send us the message template(s) so that WhatsApp assess and approve them. WhatsApp can either approve or reject the template. The approval process can take up to 3 weeks and entirely dependent on WhatsApp response time.

Some example of template message formats are:

  1. Your {{1}} code is {{2}}
  2. Your appointment is coming up on {{1}} at {{2}}
  3. Your {{1}} order of {{2}} has shipped and should be delivered on {{3}}. Details: {{4}}
  4. Hello {{1}}, thanks for your order! We will let you know when your order is ready to be shipped. You can track your order with number {{2}} here {{3}}. Enjoy your day!
  5. Hi {{1}} Good news, the {{2}} you liked are back in stock in size {{3}}. Shop them here!
  6. Hi {{1}}, we received your return in good order. You can expect your refund within 3 working days.
What is type of support do you provide?

We have various support channels and options. To find out more, see Support Overview, Plans and Hours

Channels include our website online chat tool, Email, Skype, Support ticket via your Secure Client Portal and of course on WhatsApp.

Why choose us as your service providers

We are not perfect, who is? This is our motivation to always endeavour to meet and exceed your expectations

easy customer journey

We commit to give you the best possible experience from enquiry, sign-up, activation and support.

competitive pricing

While price is not everything, it will be difficult to find better pricing elsewhere.

great support

Things go wrong and when they do we are here to resolve them. See Support Overview and Plans


your own secure client portal

A client management, billing and support platform that is a cut above the rest. Login to Client Portal.

experience & quality service

With more than 10 years of bespoke cloud-based solutions delivery, we have have the expertise you need.

global delivery

We deliver solutions across the globe; from start-ups to large multinational corporations.


Ours is state-of-the-art secure cloud-based infrastructure.


We do not just implement, we appreciate your solution’s life cycle.


compatibility and inter-operable

Most solutions need integration. This is in our solutions toolkit.

not just tech savvy

Our team’s experience spans multiple disciplines: strategy, marketing, IT, PM, finance, etc.



From enquiry to delivery to project closure – we play open cards when dealing with all our customers.

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