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What You Get…

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Access it using your Smart Phone, Tablet, Computer, Laptop, etc. As long as you are connected to the internet. Sign up for free now..

Creative Bulk SMS

Simple and easy to use. Send SMS messages to thousands of recipients (groups, etc). Send immediately or scheduled for later sending at a specific date and time. Create draft messages.

SMS Message Inbox

If you send an SMS to someone and they reply to it, you will be able to see it on the SMS Message Inbox. Very convenient for Marketing, etc.

Genius SMS

Create beautiful flyers and embed them in your SMS message. We call this “Genius SMS”, because it is Genius!

Contact Lists

Create and organize multiple contacts/groups. Import and export contacts.


Analyse all data that is in your account. Overview of your SMS traffic, expenses, SMS delivery status, retrieve reports, etc.


And Much More...

Change your password, add/remove users to your account, send SMS via API (for developers), and much more.

Easy Account Management

We have acquired the best platform for your account management – to give you peace of mind when doing online purchases and managing your account. This is our Secure Client Portal. It is a client management, billing and support platform that is a cut above the rest. It handles everything from signup to termination and is a powerful automation and support tool.

– SMS TopUp Bundles –

SMS TopUp Bundle 2 (500 x SMS)

500 SMS Credits
  • Price is excl. VAT
  • Top up your account with 500 SMS credits (at 35 cents per SMS)
  • Buy as and when you need the credits
  • Works with our SMS Services

SMS TopUp Bundle 5 (20,000 x SMS)

20,000 SMS Credits
  • Price is excl. VAT
  • Top up your account with 20,000 SMS credits (at 25 cents per SMS)
  • Buy as and when you need the credits
  • Works with our SMS Services

How To TopUp…

1. Login to your Client Portal
2. Go to the Bundle you want
  • Go to Services >> Order New Services.
  • Under “Categories”, select “SMS Services”
  • Order the bundle you want, in any quantity multiple you require.
3. Activate

Automatic activation of the credits (should you have enough available funds in your account), otherwise …
You need to add funds to your account (via credit card/bank transfer/cash deposit). We will then top up your credits afterwards.

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