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The philosophy … always … to be the BEST, not (necessarily) the FIRST.

Tim Cook

CEO, Apple Inc

Here are some of the reasons we think you should choose us

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We Walk The Talk

We do not offer you any solution we have not developed and implemented for ourselves.

Developed By Us, For Us – So You Can Benefit

Two Major Platforms We Developed For You To See What We Can Do …

1. USSD Platform for Our Customers

USSD Platform for Our Mobile Customers

1. Dial *120*5533#

– South Africa Only –

2. This platform virtually has the same information as our website. Try it now, dial the number.

2. The Last Invention Website

You are on the website right now.
Please look around, you will be pleased with what we have put together.
Below is a snapshot…

The other reasons you should choose us include…

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World Class Secure Client Portal Solution

Behind it all is a client management, billing & support platform that is a cut above the rest. It handles everything from signup to termination and is a powerful automation & support tool. We’ve acquired the best secure technology for your peace of mind when doing online purchases and managing your account.

Secure Online Shopping

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Customer is King

Creative in Nature

Hands-On Approach


Over 15 Years Experience

Secure, Fail-Safe Infrastructure

Support (Pre- and Post-Sale)


Secure Client Portal

cPanel - Complete Control over your hosting

Regular Backups of All Your Data

Focused on SMEs

Rapid Deployment



Combine Mobile and Online Solutions

Look at Combo-Budles.


WhatsApp ChatBot & USSD App Development Made Easy

Stand Alone or Integrated Solutions, we deliver WhatsApp ChatBot and USSD App development projects swiftly. Contact Us today.

Here To Stay

Just look at our ROADMAP.

Flexible Payment Options

If you only want to pay month to month you always have that option with us. If you would like to pay for a full one/two/three years in advance at a larger discount, you may do that too.

See All Our Products & Services

What’s in it for you – you ask?

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Technological Evolution and Revolution of SMEs

We exist because we believe we positively contribute to the technological evolution and revolution of SMEs and their customers; enabling them to reach greater heights through effective easy-to-use technology developed for and with their needs in mind.

Thato Dipudi

Founder, The Last Invention (Pty) Ltd

How our solutions help your SME business succeed

We have easy to use technology that helps grow your business

WhatsApp ChatBot & USSD Application Development

Get Mobile

Get your own unique WhatsApp profile and/or USSD number (*120*…#) so customers can dial & interact what you have to offer without needing to call you.



Sell & Market your business 24/7

Your customers can message yourWhatsApp ChatBot and/or dial your USSD number anytime of day & order/get more info about your Products/Services/Promos/etc.



Access more markets

Anyone with a cellphone is now a potential customer. Get access to more than your current market. Sit back and watch business grow.



Focus on growing your business

We consult with you to brand your own WhatsApp profile and/or USSD Client Platform the way you want it. Appear more professional to your customers.



Give great Customer Service & get live feedback

Interact with your customers via your WhatsApp ChatBot profile and/or USSD platform and get instant feedback.


Seen Enough?

Email/Web Hosting & Website Design

Get Online

From a One Page website to a fully fledged website, we cater for all your needs . Get good service from enquiry, to sign up, and beyond.

Get serious about your business

Fact! To succeed in today’s world, your business has to have its own website and it’s own email. Who will assist you to setup them up? That’s were we come in.




Be available on the internet 24/7

Our servers are locally based, implement advanced fail safe technology (power and data) and monitored 24/7/365.


Get good customer service

We keep things simple, no contracts, have user-friendly tools and have an excellent support centre.


Be professional

Show your customers you are serious about your business, before they take you seriously.

Seen enough?

Resources and Programs

Secure Client Portal

Shop, secure online payments, manage your account, support, and more…

Quarterly Newsletter

Receive regular product updates, great offers and special promotions. Also find tips on how to grow your business using our solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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