Never heared of before…

> Ready-To-Use USSD platforms for your Mobile Customers
> Get a USSD number for your business
> Branded to your business
> Rapid Time-To-Market


Make your School available 24/7/365 to all stakeholders… even without internet!

> Your school gets its own USSD code (*120*xxx*xxx#).
> Load Announcements/Fundraising/Contact info/etc.
> Parents/educators/learners/community, etc can access info by dialling the USSD code.

*Only R250 monthly (paid R750 quarterly)


Your own USSD platform for selling Food/Goods…

> Get your own USSD code (*120*xxx*xxx#)
> We load your products/services.
> No need for customers to call you
> Available 24/7/365 to your customers.

*From only R300 per quarter

*For Live Demo dial *120*5050#

Be A Leader In Your Market

Give your competition what they need – competition!

Use easy-to-use technology for both your business and customers

New & Never done before

Developed for and with the SME needs in mind, these USSD solutions are Ready-Made for your type of business. Unlock your potential.


Small businesses are innovative in nature, they have to be. So we need to offer the same – Innovative and Creative solutions that are above par to SME expectations.


Known only after it has happened, a revolution starts with vision. That’s what the technology amplifies.

Exactly What It Says – USSD4SME

USSD technology solutions developed specifically for the SME.
Ready-To-Use USSD solutions, easy-to-use for both the SME and its customers.
Laundry, Food service establishment, Hair/Beauty Salon, etc we have a low-cost and branded solution for your business.

What is USSD4SME & Who is it for?

USSD4SME is...

USSD4SME is a range of USSD solutions each of which is developed from the ground up to cater for the needs of SMEs that provide specify types of services. The emphasis is on ease of use, the customer service component and effective feedback to the SME.

Rapid Activation

We pride ourselves with our quick turn around and have systems in place to make this a reality. Activation of your USSD platform is typically one week after consultation. Much better than most can say.

Mobile Customer Platform for SMEs

The platforms give your customers a way to access your product, services, promotions or any information via their cellphones. They simply dial your USSD number and get all this info. Give them a unique, creative way to buy/order/book your services using their phone.

Secure and Available

In the background, there is an application that is running on our state-of-the-art secure servers. We have full and complete control over these servers, so can develop an application specific and branded to your business needs.

How USSD4SME Works & Benefits

What you get...

Zero setup fee, Your own unique USSD number (*120*…# or *134*…#); Instant national coverage; Platform branded for your business; SMS & USSD session credits; 24/7/365 Availability; Automatic weekly email reports of the numbers that dialled your USSD number (build a customer database);… Need we say more?

Sales & Marketing platform for your Business

Your business gets a USSD number which you advertise to your customers. They dial the USSD number to get any info you want them to interact with: to buy/book/enquire or promos/announcements/new products… the possibilities are endless.

Increased Market Exposure & Access

Your USSD number is available on all mobile networks. Now your traditional, current, potential markets can access your business easily. Not only can you now sell locally but nationally as well – imagine that!

Mobile Client Platform

Customers have one thing in mind – they want the best out of any company: one-of-a-kind Customer Service. Give them exactly that: a Client Platform that they can access anywhere and anytime. Give them their Mobile Client Platform.

Good Price Point for SMEs

Our focus is on SMEs. So, all solutions we develop cater completely to SME requirements which is to acquire the best ‘SME’ valued business solutions. You want the best out of all your business resources – we are on the same wavelength.


Often overlooked, we believe the support we provide to you pre- and post-sale is essential. We are committed to providing the best possible support and have a state-of-the-art ticket-based support system which is a feature of our Secure Client Portal.

Easy Account Management

We have acquired the best platform for your account management – to give you peace of mind when doing online purchases and managing your account. This is our Secure Client Portal. It is a client management, billing and support platform that is a cut above the rest. It handles everything from signup to termination and is a powerful automation and support tool.


Well, very simple – it’s cheaper than a call, always available to all customers (existing and potential).

ALL customers can interact with your platform and unlike a telephone call, does not put customers on hold. It’s ALWAYS available (24/7/365) and does not have a limit to the number of customers that can interact with it at the same time.

USSD4SME Platforms

– List of Platforms –

  • Experience the Live Demo by dialling *120*553*30#
  • For Schools (Government, Private, etc).
  • Simplifies communications between the school and stakeholders (students, staff, parents, community, etc) and available 24/7/365.
  • More info – scroll further down the page…
  • Platform for the Laundry business.
  • Experience the Live Demo by dialling *120*5533*9#
  • More info – scroll further down the page…
  • For businesses that sell food/goods.
  • Experience the Live Demo by dialling *120*5050#
  • More info – scroll further down the page…
MyCVMate® (coming soon!)
  • Launching before Q4 2018.
  • More info – scroll further down the page…

- Live Demos -


– Developed specifically for Schools –

For Live Demo

Dial *120*553*30#

Available in South Africa

For other countries please contact us at Our Contact Details

Only R250 monthly (paid R750 quarterly)

School stakeholders such as parents, educators, learners, community, the Department of Education, etc. just dial the school’s USSD code on their cellphones to access the school’s information and can also interact with the school. Available 24/7/365, we believe that MySchoolUSSD will also assist to improve Parental Involvement.

Thato Dipudi

Founder, The Last Invention (Pty) Ltd

Improve your school...

Get MySchoolUSSD in 3 easy steps…

1. Order MySchoolUSSD on the Secure Client Portal
> Go to MySchoolUSSD.
> Enter your school information.
> Make a secure online payment using Credit card, EFT, PayPal, or pay by Bank deposit or Cash (at SA Post Office, Shoprite, Checkers, OK, House & Home or USave).
2. Get your own USSD code (*120*xxxx*xxxx#)
> Your school is issued its own unique USSD number (*120*….*…#).
> Your stakeholders (parents, educators, learners, community, the Department of Education, etc) dial this number to access your school information and can also interact with the school.
3. Activation in less than one week
> Your MySchoolUSSD platform will be activated in less than one week.

Some Live Demo screen shots (for Matlhasedi Primary)…


The airtime or mobile account number of a cellphone that dials a standard-rated USSD codes is charged 20c every 20seconds. This charge is set by the mobile network operator and The Last Invention does not generate any revenue from it.
USSD sessions are the number of times the USSD code is dialled.


– Live Demo –

Dial *120*5533*9# (only in South Africa)


Never done before, this platform will change the way you deliver services to you customers. Firstly there is no need for them to call you for pricing/booking/etc. All this is done from their phones. They simply dial your USSD number and voila – they get an instant menu response with options they can interact with (they can order/book/check pricing, etc). Set the tone and implement a Mobile Customer Platform that will revolutionize the way you do business.

USSD Platform Features…


Company Info

Customers can get your contact details, address, etc.

Order Capture

Customers can place orders or book a service. You choose from a Delivery or Collection based business or a combination.

Admin Menu

Only seen by the business administrator, this USSD menu shows your SMS and USSD session credits balance.

Pricing & Promotions Info

Shows all product/service prices and any promotions you are running.


Choose SMS or Email notifications for orders, bookings, enquiries and get weekly email reports (build a customer database).

Terms & Conditions

Shows your T’s and C’s. Avoid confusion about your services and filter any “unnecessary” calls.

Some MyPersonalLaundry screen shots (for your business)

4 Simple Steps…

1. Sign Up
2. Get Your USSD Number
  • We issue your business with its own unique USSD number (*120*….*…#).
  • Your customer dial this number to access your Mobile Customer Platform.
3. Brand Your Platform
  • We consult with you to brand your Mobile Customer Platform to be all about your business.
4. Rapid Activation So You Can Start ASAP
  • Best of all is your Mobile Customer Platform will be ready in a few days.


– Live Demo –

Dial *120*5050# (only in South Africa)


This platform will change the way you sell food/goods to you customers. Firstly there is no need for your customers to call you for pricing/ordering/etc. All this is done from their phones. The customer simply dials your USSD number and they get an instant menu response with options they can interact with (they can order/check pricing, etc).
Set the tone and implement a Mobile Customer Platform that will change the way you do business and leave the competition behind.
Your business pays for EasyBuy by using Cash/EFT/Bank Deposit/Credit Card/PayPal.

USSD Platform Features…


Company Info

Customers can get your contact details, address, etc.

Order Capture, No Queues

Customers order food on their phones. They can choose from a Delivery or Collection based business. They receive an SMS to confirm their order.

Admin Menu

Only seen by the business administrator, this USSD menu shows your SMS and USSD session credits balance.


You can also add more information to the USSD platform if you want to.


Choose SMS or Email notifications for orders, bookings, enquiries and get weekly email reports (build a customer database).

Menu via MMS

Your menu becomes available via MMS; as long as you have MMS credits.



Easy & Simple, just dial

No need to be afraid of technology. We consult with you, and then we develop the solution.

Quick Activation

We will activate your USSD platform within one week.

Quick Updates

You can quickly change any information on your USSD platform by contacting us.

Make MONEY as an Agent…


Quick registration in easy 3 steps

To register dial *120*5050# and then select the “Agents/Affiliates” option. Anyone can register as an Agent.

Agent Account

After you register, get your own Agent account and track your commission/details online (via the Secure Client Portal) and on your phone (by dialling *120*5050#).

What you get as an Agent

  • Help us sell EasyBuy to businesses that you believe need it. You receive commission when you refer customers to us.
  • Get printed flyers to market yourself.
  • Get R25 when you register, payout is from R50.
  • Get 15% of the money the customers you refer pay us.
  • After you Load/Refer a customer, you get commission every time they pay their account.
  • We pay out your commission to you in CASH using FNB eWallet.
  • REGISTER NOW & start making money (just dial *120*5050#).

Some EasyBuy screen shot examples (for your business)

Some EasyBuy Agent screen shots (for Agents)

Additional Service Terms and Conditions
By signing up to the EasyBuy service you will be agreeing to the following additional service terms:

  • The EasyBuyUSSD platform and its whole intellectual property is the property of The Last Invention (Pty) Ltd.
  • The collected customer data (cellphone number) will belong to you.
  • The USSD platform is not transferrable to another USSD application developer service provider. Should you insist on transferring your platform; The Last Invention (Pty) Ltd will charge an amount to be determined by The Last Invention (Pty) Ltd at the time of the transfer request.
  • It is your responsibility to inform your customer that their cellphone number is captured when they dial your USSD number and that the USSD session charge is the normal standard rated at 20cents per 20secs.


Platform Feature


Fax/Email documents without Fax Machine or Email

Send a CV to any job advert, anywhere and at anytime – WITHOUT INTERNET. Wow – right?

For SMEs providing Fax/Copy/Email type services

Be an Early Adopter and qualify for great benefits when we launch

More when platform is launched...

MyCVMate® Early Adopter Registration

6 + 9 =



Launching in ...








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