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First of all thank you for taking the time to visit us online – Welcome!
We are excited to share what we’ve been burning lots of midnight oil on 😉

We have a few things we’ve been working on so you can benefit from cutting-edge technology that is developed specifically for someone like you – a Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise. You are part of what makes our country great! SMEs contribute more in job creation and improved livelihoods than most who claim to do so – so as they say: big ups to you!

As you will see in a while, we are all about developing technology that takes SME business to the next level. Let me start by taking you through…

Top of mind when developing the website was ease of navigation as we do not want you to get lost. It is also easy to find any information your need.
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This will be our Knowledge Interchange Platform and will be launched second half of 2015.

As mentioned earlier, our quarterly Newsletter will have resourceful information for you. Included will be great tips and tricks, news, announcements, discussions, updates, promotions, upcoming launches, etc. We will also include tips on how to grow your business using our solutions.

Behind it all is a client management, billing & support platform that is a cut above the rest. It handles everything from signup to termination and is a powerful automation and support tool. We’ve acquired the best secure technology for your peace of mind when doing online purchases and managing your account.
This is our Secure Client Portal.

Enough with that … So what do we do?

We are in the business of Mobile Presence and Online Presence Solution Development.
More detail about what we do…

Mobile Presence

Mobile Presence is...

Almost all your existing and potential customers have a mobile device – most have a cellphone. Let your business be available to ALL of them, on their phones via…

  • Phones WITHOUT internet
    > Sell your products/services via USSD.
    > Your customers dial your USSD number and viola; your products/services are there for them to buy, book, and much more.
    > We work with you to develop the above and offer an affordable USSD Application, branded just for your business.
  • Phones/Mobile devices WITH internet
    > Sell your products/services via USSD – same as above, as phones without internet; plus
    > Get a website that is Responsive (that fits perfectly in the display of any phone/mobile device out there).

 Get Mobile Presence!

Solutions & Services
Mobile Presence: USSD Application Development and Related Services –

> Ready-To-Use SME branded USSD solutions developed for SMEs so they can start/develop/grow/expand their businesses with rapid time-to-market.
> Runs as a stand-alone application with no integration.

2.   MyOwn SME USSD
> Working closely with the SME to develop a USSD solution branded and that works specific to its business needs.
> Runs as a stand-alone application with no integration.

3.    Customized USSD Application Development
> For more complex and major USSD projects.
> May be an integrated application.

4.  SMS Platform
> Free Bulk SMS Platform.
> Only pay for the SMS you send & for Businesses, Individuals, Organizations, Marketers, Institutions, Clubs, etc.

Online Presence

Online Presence is...

As you may have figured out by now, for your business to reach its full potential – it needs to be in the internet .
Many of your existing and potential customers have a device that is connected to the internet – mobile device (phone, pad, etc) or desktop/laptop.
More and more people and businesses are connecting to the internet everyday. Why not be there when they search for your business name or want products you offer. Why not…

 Get Online Presence!

Packages & Services
Online Presence: Email/Website Hosting, Website Design and Related Services –

1.  Email/Website Hosting (3 Packages)
> For StartUps and Small SMEs => Bronze Package
> For Growing SMEs => Silver Package
> For Bigger SMEs => Gold Package

2.  Website Design (2 Options) and  Maintenance
> Great Start for SME and Affordable => OnePage Website Design
> SME getting bigger and better => Complete Website Design
> Keep your website up-to-date  => Website Maintenance

What the future holds…

We are working on a number of projects behind the scenes and will share their details as and when they are ready for release. Be sure to sign up for our quarterly Newsletter so you can be notified about upcoming Products/Services/Solutions. Our Roadmap also gives you visibility into what we’re up to.
As mentioned before, our focus is on you the SME and all about your success.

Last but not least…

A special thank you to my friend and colleague – Chris Scadden for some of the breath-taking picturesque pictures used in the website. Thank you for your generosity in sharing these – thanks to the heavens for your gift. Brilliant!

In closing…

We believe you will find these solutions beneficial to the success of your business and can’t wait to chat to you.

Kind regards and thank you again for your time,
Thato Dipudi (Founder)

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